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Holiday Gifts For Senior Dogs

December 15, 2022

The holiday season is going full speed ahead. Of course, many of our canine patients are also prone to going full speed ahead, though others prefer to quietly plod along. If your dog is in his golden years, he’s probably in the latter group. Fido’s age is definitely something to consider when picking out gifts for him! A Bourne, MA vet lists some great gifts for pups in their golden years below. 


Making sure that your furry friend sleeps well is extremely important. A thin pad won’t cushion Fido’s old bones very well, and it won’t really insulate him against cold floors. A comfy bed is a good gift even for dogs that already have one. It’s always nice to have choices!

Grooming Gear

Grooming will go a long way towards keeping your four-legged friend comfortable. If Fido could use a new brush, or perhaps a better set of claw clippers, take advantage of those holiday sales and upgrade now. Pet wipes are also good stocking stuffers.


As Fido ages, his nutritional needs will change. Your furry buddy may benefit from certain supplements. Glucosamine and fish oil are both helpful for soothing stiff joints. Your vet may also recommend a Vitamin B complex, which can help support many of Fido’s bodily systems, or other vitamins or supplements. Ask for specific recommendations. 


Dogs with thick fur may feel right at home in the cold, but pooches with thinner coats often shiver as soon as it gets below 60. If your canine pal has a thin coat, he’d likely appreciate a comfy sweater or jacket. Booties can also be a good option, though not all pups tolerate them.


Fido may be slowing down, but he still needs to let his inner puppy out sometimes. Even senior pets like to play! Just look for toys that were made specifically for older dogs. These will be much more comfortable for your pup.

Pet Ramps

Is your furry pal having trouble getting in and out of the stairs and/or hopping on and off the couch? Pet ramps can make things much easier for your canine companion. Of course, reduced mobility can be a sign of arthritis. Reach out to your vet right away.

All of us here at Sandwich Animal Hospital, your Bourne, MA animal clinic, wish you a wonderful holiday season. Contact us anytime!

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