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New Year’s Resolutions For Frisky Cats

January 01, 2023

Happy New Year! Are you starting out 2023 with a furry little ball of mischief? Our feline friends are planning all sorts of mischief for the coming year. A Bourne, MA vet lists a few of the things on Fluffy’s 2023 agenda below.

Keep Claws Sharp

Our feline pals are very driven to keep their little paw daggers sharp. If Fluffy hasn’t gotten a new scratcher for a while, this is a purrfect time to get her one. There are some pretty cute options out there: you can get your kitty a scratching post that looks like an orca, a mushroom, or even a retro minivan.

Catch That Red Dot

Fluffy probably won’t fare any better with this one in 2023 than she did last year. However, she’ll never give up on her elusive prey. Take a few minutes a day to help your cute pet try to achieve this goal.

Improve Sprint Time

Does your kitty sometimes just dash out of the room for no reason at all, or race down the hall unexpectedly? These little bursts of kitty zoomies can be really cute to watch. Your pet may want to cut a few milliseconds off her top speed.

Moth Patrol

Our feline overlords are actually quite territorial. Fluffy will do her best to protect you from any unauthorized moths.

Train Harder

One of Fluffy’s cutest moves is that butt-wiggle/sprint/jump/pounce/roll/kick/meow combination. This one is a kitty must! Your pet may also want to try some new variations.

Score More Catnip

There’s no reason you can’t help your pet make this goal. Fluffy can’t overdose on catnip, and she won’t get addicted to it. After a few minutes of catnip-induced euphoria, the effects will wear off, and your kitty will then become temporarily immune to catnip until her brain resets. This takes a few hours … which just happens to be the perfect amount of time for a cat nap.


It’s important to stretch after a hard workout. (Or even a not-so-hard workout.) Kitties also like to stretch while sharpening their claws. Consider getting your furry friend a vertical scratcher or cat tower.

Everyone here at Sandwich Animal Hospital, your local Bourne, MA animal clinic, wish you a wonderful new year. We look forward to providing great veterinary care in 2023 and for many years to come.

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