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Aiding Your Pet’s Recovery After Spay/Neuter Surgery

March 01, 2024

Springtime brings forth the breeding season for many animals. In vet med, the focus shifts to spaying and neutering during February and March to curb the spike in newborn kittens and puppies typically observed in spring. Apart from preventing unplanned litters, spaying or neutering your pet addresses various behavioral issues. Following the procedure, Fido and Fluffy tend to display increased calmness and improved behavior. Although commonplace, it’s crucial to give your pet added care during … Read More »

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Pet Theft: What Every Pet Owner Should Know

February 01, 2024

February is Pet Theft Awareness Month. Pet theft is a heartbreaking crime that can have devastating consequences for both the stolen animal and their owners. Around two million dogs stolen every year in the U.S. Only one in ten of those pups are returned to their owners. Those are pretty horrifying statistics. Heartless criminals often target purebred or valuable pets in order to sell them for profit. This illegal activity not only causes emotional distress … Read More »

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5 Fall Safety Tips for Pet Owners

September 01, 2023

With the vibrant colors of fall just around the corner, it’s time for pet owners to take a few extra steps to ensure their furry companions stay safe and happy during this season of change. Just like we humans adjust to the cooler weather and shorter days, our pets also need a bit of extra care during the fall.    Read on as a vet offers up five essential fall safety tips to keep your … Read More »

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Fun Facts About Seeing Eye Dogs

February 01, 2023

As you may know, seeing-eye dogs are pups that have been trained to guide and assist people with vision impairments, essentially acting as their eyes. A local Bourne, MA vet lists some interesting facts about these Very Good Boys in this article. Breed While many different breeds have been seeing-eye dogs, a few pups really excel at the job. These include the Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, and German Shepherds. History Seeing-eye dogs have been around … Read More »

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New Year’s Day With Fido

January 01, 2022
Brownish Shih Tzu and Golden Retriever with a with with a sparkling wine

Happy New Year! Are you ringing in 2022 with a canine companion? If so, you’ll want to keep your pooch in mind as you make plans for the coming year. In this article, a local Bourne, MA vet lists a few ways to start the new year off on the right paw with your furry best friend. Photo Shoot This is a perfect time to get some great shots of your canine buddy! Weather permitting, … Read More »

5 Ways To Promote Good Animal Welfare This Holiday Season

December 01, 2021

The holidays are a season for reflecting, and spending time with our loved ones. They are also a season of giving. If you love animals, you may want to consider doing some things to help promote good animal welfare. A local Bourne, MA vet lists a few ways to do that below. Support Animal Rescues Many animal rescues and charities depend on donations to keep running. You can’t go wrong with a monetary donation, as … Read More »

Thanksgiving Dog Care Tips

November 15, 2021

It’s almost Thanksgiving! We are very grateful for our canine companions. Dogs really do complete our families, and turn our houses into homes. However, Fido does have a habit of getting into mischief, so you’ll need to keep an eye on him. A Bourne, MA vet offers some advice on this below. Preparation Make sure that Fido is clean, fresh-smelling, and ready for the big day. A dirty, stinky dog won’t make a very good … Read More »

Spotlight On Fire Dogs

October 15, 2021

Today, October 1st, is National Fire Pup Day. Man’s Best Friend has held many different jobs throughout history. Fido has been a shepherd, guardian, tracker, and guide, to name just a few. However, fire dogs definitely rank up there with the best and bravest of our canine companions. A vet shines the spotlight on fire dogs in this article. The Dalmatian As you probably know, the Dalmatian is the breed most often found in firehouses. … Read More »

National Animal Safety and Protection Month

October 01, 2021

October is National Animal Safety And Protection Month! Of course, this topic is important all year long. Pets don’t always know what is and isn’t safe for them, and they can easily get into trouble. You’ll need to take a few steps to keep your four-legged friend happy, healthy, and, of course, safe. A local vet offers some advice on pet safety in this article. Dogs Fido is both curious and playful, and he has … Read More »

Feline Folklore

August 15, 2021

Kitties are very mysterious little furballs, who have certainly gathered more than their fair share of myths and legends. In fact, for a cute, innocent-looking pet, Fluffy has amassed a rather impressive collection of urban—and rural—legends. A local vet lists a few of them below. Cat Goddesses Our feline friends have been associated with several different goddesses. The most well-known may be Egypt’s Bastet, who was often depicted in feline form. The ancient Greeks had … Read More »

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