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Ways To Celebrate Cat Lovers Month

December 01, 2022

Did you know that December is Cat Lovers Month? Kitties are known for being easy keepers, but they do need love and attention. A Bourne, MA veterinarian lists some ways to get Fluffy’s little motor going in this article.


Did you know that playing with Fluffy regularly is one of the best things you can do for her health and well-being? The physical exercise your kitty gets running and jumping will help keep her fit and trim. Playing also offers mental stimulation. It’s also wonderful for bonding. Pick up a few new toys for your furball, and get into the habit of playing with her every night.

Veterinary Care

Fluffy would probably scratch this right off the list, but it is important for her to come in regularly. Exams and wellness care both play critical roles in your kitty’s overall health.


Giving your furry pal some catnip may very well be as entertaining for you as is is for her. You don’t need to worry about Fluffy having too much: cats can’t overdose on catnip. You can go old-school, with a catnip-filled toy, but you can also offer your kitty a live plant. Or, try catnip bubbles!


Fluffy will somehow manage to make do if she has to nap on our beds and sofas, but she really should have at least one thing that was made just for her. Cat towers provide lookout points, nail care stations, and jungle gyms.


Cats may like to pretend they’re really aloof, but they really do need to feel loved and cared for. They also form very strong bonds with their humans. Pay Fluffy some extra attention! Talking to her is a great way to brighten up your feline buddy’s day.


Don’t forget about all of the kitties that don’t have loving homes. This is a purrfect time of year to donate to your favorite animal rescue or charity!


Why not work some cute kitty movies into your agenda for the coming month? There are plenty of great ones to pick from. This can make for great family viewing!


The purrfect way to honor cat lovers month? Give a lucky kitty a new tomorrow, by bringing her into your household. Just think it over carefully first. Adopting is forever!

Happy Cat Lovers’ Month! Contact us, your Bourne, MA animal clinic, anytime!

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