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Reasons To Be Thankful For Pets

November 15, 2022

Thanksgiving is coming up fast. Many people are already starting their preparations! Of course, while it’s great to enjoy some of those delicious meals with loved ones, it’s also important to remember the reason for the holiday: gratitude. Pets are definitely something to be grateful for! A local Bourne, MA veterinarian lists some reasons why in this article.


Pets are able to provide us with unconditional love, which is both rare and precious. Fido doesn’t care whether or not you get that promotion, while Fido really doesn’t care if she’s sleeping on brand name clothes when she curls up in your laundry. They just want to hang out with you!


If laughter truly is the best medicine, then our furry friends may be worth their weight in gold. Fido and Fluffy certainly have a way of keeping us laughing. It’s almost impossible not to chuckle at some of our animal companions’ silly antics and adorable quirks!

Health Benefits

Did you know that Fluffy and Fido are actually good for your health? Studies show that having pets offers some remarkable benefits, including lower blood pressure, reduced risk of stroke, and less depression and anxiety. Children who grow up with animal companions also benefit from better immunity and a reduced risk of allergies. People with kitties get another ‘pawesome’ perk: Fluffy’s purr actually has healing properties!


Pets can be a great comfort on bad days, especially in today’s turbulent world. When you cuddle Fido or Fluffy, a special hormone is released in you both. This hormone, which is called Oxytocin, aka the Cuddle Hormone, is associated with feelings of love and safety. How pawesome is that?

Unwavering Loyalty

Pets stay beside us through all of the ups and downs life brings. We all experience big life changes over time, whether in friend groups, jobs, family, relationships, and/or other aspects of your life. Our furry pals stay right there through it all!

A Special Purrpose

Taking care of another living being is a big responsibility, but it can also affect us very profoundly. Pets have a way of centering us, and helping us focus on what matters most. Providing a sweet dog or cat with love, care, and cuddles can be a very rewarding experience.

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