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Odd Ways Cats Show Affection

February 15, 2022

Did you know that February is National Cat Health Month? That’s one topic we are happy to help promote! Our feline friends may pretend that they are cold and aloof, but they actually are very grateful for the good care we give them. That said, Fluffy does show her love and appreciation in some rather unusual ways. A Bourne, MA vet lists some of the more purrplexing ones below.

Love Bite

Another thing Fluffy manages to get away with? Biting us affectionately. If you aren’t sure how to tell the difference between love bites and actual ones, the love bites are gentler, at least, most of the time. Aggressive behavior is much more forceful. (The playful chomp is sort of in between the two.)

Scritch Scratch

Cats can also scratch to show you they love you. The most common version of this is the back leg kick Fluffy does when she’s holding your arm. This may be cute, but it actually is bad petiquette, and really should not be encouraged.

Leg Rub

Does your cat sometimes like to rub up against your legs? This is actually Fluffy’s way of trying to ‘mark’ you with her scent. (And yes, in kitty terms, that does mean she’s claiming you.)


Our feline pals like to keep pretty close tabs on their humans. Fluffy may follow you around, sit near you and watch you while you’re doing something. She may even follow you into the bathroom!


Kitties may be cute, but they actually are quite ferocious little hunters. Fluffy has been known to bring her humans ‘gifts’ … which are usually dead rodents. (You have to hand it to Fluffy: she really is the only one of our animal companions that can make us feel bad for not appreciating their killing skills.)

Slow Blink

Have you ever noticed your cat blinking slowly when she looks at you? This is kitty code for I Love You!


While not all of our feline buddies are vocal, some are quite the little chatterboxes. The more you interact with Fluffy, the more interactive she’ll become.

Napping On You

Many kitties love to curl up in their humans’ laps. If Fluffy sees you as furniture, it’s probably safe to say she is fond of you!

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