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Keeping Your Snake Entertained

February 01, 2022

Today, February 1st, is Serpent Appreciation Day! Snakes could definitely use some appreciation. These beautiful and fascinating creatures have been much maligned, and have really suffered from bad PR. Snakes can actually make great pets for the right person. Of course, like any other animal, they need good care in order to thrive. When it comes to snake care, many people focus on diet and habitat. This definitely isn’t wrong. However, snakes also do need some sort of enrichment. A local Bourne, MA vet discusses some snake entertainment options below.

Change Things Up

In the wild, snakes are constantly moving through and exploring new spots. One way to keep your scaled pal entertained is frequently rearrange and redecorate their habitat. Whenever you do a deep clean, change things up a bit.


Snakes aren’t playful in the way dogs and cats are, but they do like some toys. Your pet will appreciate having some different things to explore. Some good examples of this would be cork rounds, log decorations, and rock caves. Driftwood pieces and accessories can also be fun for your serpentine buddy to climb.


Your reptilian pal may get quite bored with a bare enclosure. Plants can help make your pet’s habitat more interesting and more attractive. You can use fake plants or live ones. However, there are pros and cons to both. Ask your vet for recommendations.

Offer Different Textures

Cypress mulch, paper pellets, orchid bark, and other substrates all have different textures. Use a few different ones in rotation. If your snake likes to burrow, you can even try burying things beneath the substrate. PVC tubing is a good option for this. Just stick with things that are safe for your snake.


Another thing you can do is ‘hide’ your pet’s lunch. (This works best with frozen foods.) Rub the ‘food’ on different things to make a trail for your snake to follow. This will let your scaled buddy indulge their natural hunting instincts.


Keep in mind that different types of snakes prefer different activities. Some, such as tree boas, like to climb; some, like garter snakes, enjoy swimming; and others, like hognose snakes, like to burrow. Do some research about your particular snake , and ask your vet for advice.

Do you have any questions about your snake’s health or care? Contact us, your local Bourne, MA animal clinic, today!

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