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Holiday Care for Reptiles

December 01, 2020

The holiday season is officially here! We love seeing seasonal photos of our adorable patients. However, we definitely get a lot more pictures of dogs and cats beneath trees than we do of our reptilian friends. Reptiles will also benefit from some extra TLC—and perhaps a few gifts—at this time of year. A Bourne, MA veterinarian discusses holiday reptile care below.


Who says you can’t have some fun with your pet’s terrarium? You’re free to hang things around the outside, as long as they are out of reach and kept safely away from any cords or equipment. You may also be able to find a cute seasonal hide box, like an igloo, or get a backing paper with a seasonal print. However, don’t put anything that could be dangerous in your pet’s tank. This includes things like ornaments, ornament hooks, pine boughs, lights, and tinsel.


Don’t forget to pick up a few things for your scaled pal! You can add some new climbing branches, pools, or basking rocks, depending on your reptile’s needs. A bigger terrarium, of course, would be an excellent gift. Treats, of course, are also fine. Ask your vet for suggestions. 


Our patients take pretty cute holiday photos. You may also be able to get some great shots of your pet! You can pose a leopard gecko on a small sleigh, put a tiny Santa hat on your snake, or let your turtle doze in a gift bag. Just don’t use any props that could possibly hurt your pet.


While there may not be as many people traveling this year as there usually is, many folks will still be able to visit their loved ones for the holidays. You may be able to bring your pet with you, but that doesn’t mean you should. Travel is very stressful for reptiles! Cold is also quite dangerous for them. One option is to find a good pet sitter. This can be challenging. Not everyone is comfortable handling reptile food, which often consists of things like mice, bugs, and/or worms! Boarding is usually going to be a better option. Of course, finding a good kennel is crucial. Ask your vet for recommendations, and be sure to research and visit the facility before you leave. 

Happy Holidays from everyone here at Sandwich Animal Hospital, your Bourne, MA veterinary clinic! Call us anytime!

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