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Pet Microchips: Your FAQs Answered

November 15, 2020

When it comes to pet identification, one method provides peace of mind above all others: the microchip. If you’re not familiar with identification microchips, it’s something worth considering for your pet’s safety and wellness! Learn more below as your Bourne, MA veterinarian answers your most frequently asked questions. 

What is a microchip, exactly?

A microchip is a tiny computer chip that contains an electronic number, which corresponds to the manufacturer’s database where your contact information is stored. The chip itself is placed under your pet’s skin. When a pet is lost and relinquished to an animal shelter or vet’s office, specialized scanning devices can read the chip’s number. In this way, a quick scan can reveal who the pet belongs to, getting them returned to the rightful owner in short order. 

What are the benefits?

Microchips are secure—they can’t be removed accidentally or on purpose the way a collar with ID tags could be torn away or chewed off. Using one means that your pet is constantly identified, no matter what happens! 

Another benefit of microchips is that they’re cost-effective. You only have to purchase one, and it should work for the rest of your pet’s life. Even if you change addresses or get a new telephone number, you can simply update your information with the microchip company while your pet keeps the same chip the whole time. 

What’s the microchipping procedure like? 

The chip itself is housed in a tiny glass capsule, and this unit is inserted under your pet’s first few layers of skin using a specialized hypodermic needle-like device. All your pet feels is a momentary pinch before the entire process is over. It only takes a moment or two, and all in all it’s just like a regular shot. 

Are microchips safe?

Yes, microchips are virtually risk-free. There is a small chance of some swelling, irritation, or scarring around the site of insertion, but this is almost always very minor and should subside on its own after a few days. You can always call your vet’s office if you think your pet is responding poorly to a microchip implant. 

How do I get my pet microchipped?

Would you like to learn more about microchip identification for pets? Ready to set up your pet’s appointment to have them microchipped? We’re here to help. Get in touch with your Bourne, MA vet clinic to schedule an office visit. 

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