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How To Herd Cats

December 15, 2021

Did you know that December 15th is International Cat Herder’s Day? We’re guessing probably not. After all, this kitty occasion definitely takes a back seat to the other major holidays. Also, herding cats sounds a bit, well, impossible. As anyone owned by a kitty can vouch, it’s pretty much impossible to get Fluffy to do something she doesn’t want to. Or is it? A Bourne, MA vet lists some ways to herd cats in this article.


If there’s one thing Fluffy can’t resist—aside from catnip, sunbeams, tuna, fresh laundry, and comfy beds—it’s boxes. Give your furry friend some empty ones this holiday season!

Laser Pointers

Our feline pals may be cute and cuddly, but they are hunters at heart. That tiny red dot can really bring out Fluffy’s inner lion! Try aiming that laser pointer in the direction you want your adorable predator to go. She may actually obey!

Can Openers

This one may be a bit outdated: the modern kitty is more attuned to the sound of a pop top. However, some cats will still come running at the sound of a can opener.

Paper Balls

Kitties may be full of adorable quirks, but they aren’t completely unpredictable. If you toss one of Fluffy’s toys across the room or down the hall, there’s a pretty good chance that she’ll run after it, just to see what it is.

Calling Her

Fluffy is very independent, so she won’t always come when you call her. In fact, some studies have shown that cats sometimes deliberately ignore their humans. However, sometimes kitties do come when called. It’s worth a try!

Lead The Way

One adorable thing about cats is the fact that they often like to follow their humans, like fuzzy, meowing shadows. Fluffy may very well trail you through the house as you go about your day.


This one isn’t very practical: after all, it doesn’t make sense to release a live mouse just for Fluffy to chase it. However, you can try your luck with a remote-controlled mouse. This would also make a cute stocking stuffer!


Fluffy loves seeking out warm spots to nap in. You may be able to use the fact that sunbeams often work as kitty magnets to your advantage!

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