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Purrfect Ways To Celebrate Cat World Domination Day

June 15, 2021

Cat World Domination Day is just around the corner: it’s June 21st. While Fluffy may never completely take over the world, she certainly has managed to seize control of a sizable chunk of the internet. She also convinced several ancient cultures to treat her like a furry, meowing deity. Those are no small feats … especially for a furball with really small feet. Read on as a local Bourne, MA vet lists some ways to celebrate this special holiday with your feline overlord.

Fancy Dinner

Offer Fluffy something special, such as a bit of plain, cooked salmon or whitefish. Your kitty may also be happy with a bit of unseasoned boneless turkey or chicken. Most of the time, a regular pet food bowl will suffice for Her Furry Majesty. However, given that it is a special occasion, consider getting out the good china, or even a crystal dish. 

Beauty Session

One perk of taking over the world is that you can definitely get the five-star beauty treatment. Pamper your adorable pet by brushing her fur to get all that dead hair and dander out of her coat. 


World leaders have been depicted in paintings–and before that, statues–throughout recorded history. Take a cute picture of your furry buddy, preferably with a smug, self-satisfied look on her face. 


For cats, good beds are the pinnacle of luxury. You can buy Fluffy something at the pet store, but she’ll also accept a soft plush blanket folded up and put into a wicker basket or box. (You get bonus purrs for putting your kitty’s new bed before a window with a good view.)

Box Castle

You can’t properly dominate the world without some sort of palace. Make your feline pal a box castle to look superior in. This could be a great project for kids! 

Lap Space

Do you sometimes find yourself stuck in place when Fluffy is curled up in your lap? If your four-legged overlord decides to use you as furniture, try not to disturb her. 


No kitty celebration is complete without Fluffy’s favorite plant! Give your feline friend some fresh ‘nip to play with. 


Last but not least, get Fluffy some new toys, and take time to play with her. That’s bound to score you some points! 

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