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Keeping Fido Active Indoors

February 15, 2021

Does your canine pal give you that accusing look when you go to walk him and he realizes that the weather is not to his liking? Some pups love to run and play in the snow, while others are much less enthusiastic about it. Of course, Fido still needs proper activity, even when it’s cold, raining, or snowing … or worse, a mix of all three. A Bourne, MA vet discusses keeping your pet active indoors below.

Doggy Workout

If you work out at home, you can incorporate Fido into your workout. If you’re doing sit-ups, toss a toy from him as you’re on your way down. You can also incorporate this into doing squats and lunges. (It’s worth mentioning that dogs don’t always make the best yoga partners … but they will make your workout both more fun and more adorable.)

Stair Runs

Pick up one of Fido’s favorite toys, and go to the top of the stairs. Make sure he sees you, so he’ll run after you. When you get to the top, toss the toy down. He’ll probably bring it back to you. A few rounds of this makes a pretty good cardio workout! 


You and Fido can play this classic doggy game indoors. Pick a spot where your pooch won’t knock things over or break things, like a hallway. It’s always cute hearing the pitter-patter of dog paws running around!


Home gyms have always been popular. However, they’ve become even more popular over the past year, with so many people staying home because of the pandemic. Some dogs love using treadmills. Just put safety first. Always remove Fido’s collar before he works out, and never leave him unattended. Also, start on slow, to let him get used to the idea.

Hide And Seek 

Our faithful canine buddies like to keep their humans in sight at all times. If you suddenly duck behind a door or into a closet, Fido may get a pretty good workout just running around and trying to figure out where you went!


Not all exercises are suitable for every dog. Some shouldn’t jump or stand, while others shouldn’t be encouraged to run or otherwise exert themselves. Ask your vet for specific advice.

As your local Bourne, MA veterinary clinic, we’re happy to answer any questions you have about your dog’s health or care. Contact us anytime! 

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