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Stay on the Lookout for Pet Hazards This Autumn

October 01, 2020

Autumn is finally here. Your pet is probably looking forward to the cooler temperatures just like you are! Unfortunately, there are a few common pet hazards to watch out for this time of year. Learn more here as a Bourne, MA veterinarian tells you how to keep your animal companion safe.

Cold-Weather Toxins

As the temperatures start to drop, cold-weather toxins start to become a problem once again. Antifreeze is a particularly dangerous one—we add this chemical to our vehicle’s engines to keep them running smoothly in cold weather, but be aware that it’s highly toxic to pets. Use antifreeze carefully and clean up spills immediately. If your car’s radiator is leaking antifreeze in your driveway, have it serviced as soon possible and clean up the puddle right away.

It’s also important to use caution with rodenticides and pesticides. Colder weather tends to drive pests indoors, where we use these toxins to ward them off. But they can poison house pets, too, so place them with extreme caution and choose pet-safe products whenever possible.

Wild Mushrooms

Only a small percentage of mushrooms are actually toxic, so it’s not very likely that your pet will come across a dangerous mushroom growing in your yard. Still, it’s not worth taking any chances. Plus, wild mushrooms could have been sprayed with weed killer, fertilizers, or other chemicals that you don’t want your pet ingesting.

Fleas and Ticks

It’s easy to associate fleas and ticks with the summer months, when the problem is most severe. But make no mistake: fleas, ticks, and even mosquitoes stick around well into the cooler fall months. Keep your pet up to date on their heartworm medication and flea-and-tick control medicine to prevent any infestations.

Poisonous Autumn Plants

Certain plants and flowers that bloom in autumn aren’t safe for pets, including chrysanthemums, Autumn crocus, hydrangeas, and yew trees. It’s also possible for acorns to prove toxic to pets—they contain a potentially poisonous acid, plus they present a choking hazard. Keep a close eye on your pet while outdoors to make sure they don’t chow down on anything dangerous.

Chocolate and Candy

With Halloween and trick-or-treat night approaching, you might be stocking up on chocolate and candy. Keep in mind that these foods are very bad for pets! Store them where your animal friends can’t reach.

Contact your Bourne, MA vet clinic for more tips on autumn safety.

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