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Taking Fido to the Beach

August 01, 2020

Does your dog enjoy going to the shore? Cape Cod has beautiful beaches! Taking your canine friend to the beach can be a great way to enjoy a beautiful day. Just be sure to put Fido’s safety first. A Bourne, MA vet offers some tips on this below.


Your canine buddy should be microchipped and wearing ID tags, and current on his vaccines and parasite control. Fido should also know basic doggy obedience commands, like Sit, Stay, and Come.

Choose A Pet-Safe Beach

Not all beaches are safe for dogs. Choose one that allows Man’s Best Friend. These often have shallower slopes and milder currents. Some good local options are Springhill Beach, East Sandwich Beach, and Town Neck Beach.

Dog Watch

Even pooches that are great swimmers can get into trouble at the beach. Dogs are over their head in just a few feet of water! Avoid places with strong currents or heavy wakes. Also, keep a close eye on Fido, and never leave him unattended.


We recommend keeping Fido leashed. You can use a retractable leash if you want to give your furry buddy more freedom.

Packing Fido’s Bag

Why not make your pooch his own beach bag? Include towels, dog-safe sunscreen, paw balm, a first-aid kit, waste baggies, bowls, and an umbrella. You can also add some fun toys, like a ball or Frisbee.


Dogs can get hot and thirsty very quickly running and playing on hot sand. Bring plenty of water along for Fido!

Paw Care

Many of our local beaches have a lot of sharp rocks. Fido can get painful cuts on his paws, which will be extra delicate when they’re wet. Stick to soft ground as much as ‘pawsible,’ and use paw balm to protect those furry feet.

Beware of Coyotes

Coyotes are generally scared of people, but they can still pose a threat to dogs. Keep Fido close to you, especially when passing through areas with thick brush or frequent coyote sightings.


In summer, it’s always hottest at midday. Take Fido to the beach in the mornings or evenings, when it’s cooler out.


After beach time is over, rinse Fido off to remove the salt and sand from his coat. For extra tail wags, offer him a yummy treat!

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