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Spring Pet Dangers for Dogs and Cats

May 01, 2020

Spring is here! Your pet is probably as excited as you are to get out and enjoy the warmer weather. But it’s very important to make sure your companion doesn’t fall victim to common seasonal hazards. Below, your Bourne, MA vet tells you what to watch out for:

Outdoor Pests

Springtime means that pests like heartworm, roundworm, hookworm, fleas, ticks, and much more are coming out of the woodwork and waiting to harm your pet. The trick is stopping them in their tracks before they can cause harm. Talk to your veterinarian if your pet isn’t already set up with a heartworm preventative and a flea-and-tick medicine. These preventatives will keep your pet safe throughout the season and beyond.

Toxic Plant Life

There are all kinds of plants and flowers that aren’t good for pets. The list includes rhododendron, philodendron, elephant ear, certain aloe plants, lilies, dieffenbachia, ivy, oleander, and the sago palm, among many others. Now that the trees and flowers are blooming, it’s more likely your pet will come in contact with something harmful—keep a close eye out to make sure they don’t.


Did you know that pets can suffer from springtime allergies, just like humans can? If you’ve seen your pet sniffling and sneezing a lot as spring arrives, let your veterinarian know right away. Your pet might have pollen allergies, and they can feel more comfortable with the proper medications.

Cleaning Chemicals

Are you planning on doing some spring cleaning this year? Keep in mind that many of the chemicals used around the house can prove harmful to pets. While a pet isn’t likely to seek out a cleaning product to ingest, they might decide to sample some if it’s spilled. Be careful with chemicals, and move pets to another room if you’re using something that gives off strong fumes. Store cleaning products safely where pets can’t reach.


You’re probably excited to open some windows and doors to let some comfortable spring breezes into your home. But make sure that it doesn’t present an escape route for your pet. Check all windows to make sure they have sturdy screens. Also, ensure that your pet is properly identified with a microchip, ID tags on the collar, or both.

Does your pet need ID? Want to learn more about spring pet hazards? Give your Bourne, MA veterinary clinic a call. We’re always here to help!

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