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Cleaning Your Bird’s Cage

September 15, 2019

Do you have a pet bird? Our feathered friends are both cute and entertaining. Polly will spend a lot of time in her cage, of course, so you’ll need to keep it clean for her. Here, a Bourne, MA vet discusses cleaning your feathered buddy’s cage.


Every day, remove any uneaten food and replace Polly’s cage liner. One way to make this easy is to stack sheets of newspaper or butcher paper in the bottom of the cage. When you remove the soiled top sheet, you’ll have a fresh one beneath it, ready to go. Next, spot clean any soiled areas and wash your winged buddy’s dishes. You may want to get two sets of dishes. That way, one set can be in use while the other is being washed. Vacuum dropped seeds around and beneath the cage. A handheld vacuum makes this quick and easy for daily cleanings. Give your cute pet fresh food and water, and you’re done!

Deep Cleans

In addition to the daily tidying-up, you’ll also need to do regular deep cleanings. Take everything out of Polly’s cage, including organic matter, such as seeds. Next, spray the cage down thoroughly with a safe cleaning agent. You can buy a product specifically made for this, or use a mixture of bleach and water. Mix a half cup of household bleach to one gallon of water. Let the mixture soak for 5-10 minutes, then rinse everything carefully. (Note: for your own protection, we recommend using gloves and safety glasses when doing this.) Make sure everything is dry before you put things back into the cage.


Cage cleaning time is a great chance for you to change and rearrange your feathered buddy’s toys and perches. This is very important! Birds do best with a variety of playthings, as well as perches of different strengths and textures. Rearranging things regularly will help keep Polly’s cage fun, comfortable, and interesting for her. It’s also important to watch for signs of illness, such as regurgitated food, dropped feathers, and/or changes in food or water intake. Changes in the color, amount, or texture of your bird’s waste are also red flags. Last but not least, look for weaknesses or wear on Polly’s toys, perches, and cage bars.

Please contact us, your Bourne, MA vet clinic, for all your pet bird’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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